[NS 4] Someone’s in for an Explosion!

The few times that I’ve seen Garrett play, I’ve always enjoyed the style of his songwriting…

[NS 3] – Naveen K

This installment of the Naropa Sessions features Naveen K, a singer-songwriter with a unique, upbeat sound…

[NS2] – Phil Norman

You may remember Phil Norman from the previous Naropa Session with Rosh & One Eye-Glass Broken. His accompaniment always lends an amazing touch to others’ songs, and it’s always a treat to see what he’s capable of on his own. Here we highlight two incredible songs from Phil Norman recorded at the Naropa Sessions in […]

[NS1] – Rosh & One Eye-Glass Broken

We gathered in a small recording studio on the Naropa campus one summer afternoon. Just about 10 guests joined us, some of them other artists waiting to perform…


What a powerful show. What can I say? You should have been there? Yes, you should have…

Hey Rosetta!

They had just played an amazing set at the Bluebird Theatre and we waited while they packed up all their gear. It’s quite a bit, considering the more-than-average instrumentation of the band…

Mumford and Sons

27 October 2010: What a show. It was sold out.  Packed to the rafters, as they say.  No photo pit (all that much more of a challenge to get into any position to a good photo).  But I didn’t mind one bit, and neither did the thousands of others that filled the Ogden Theatre in […]

[OSS 8] Gasoline Heart

It was a busy day. I was shooting The Ataris that evening, and they had asked me to consider shooting Gasoline Heart while I was there…

Random Rab

This was my first time seeing/hearing Random Rab, as he opened for Beats Antique. I had no idea what I was missing…

Beats Antique

Wow. No idea the word had spread so far about Beats Antique. It’s deserved, of course, as they are an amazing electronic band. But very few had any idea that they would PACK the Ogden like they did…

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